KKC Cabra Competitor Aaron O’Reilly to face Stefan Triffo Kamikaze Gym for pro K1 Irish Title in the National Basketball Arena on the 22nd of September 2018


63kg ISKA K1 Kickboxing title fight announcement

📍National Basketball arena, Tallaght, Dublin 24
📍22nd of September 2018
📍Doors open 4.30pm

Aaron O’Reilly vs Stefan Triffo

We don’t believe in keeping the best until last.
Our second fight announcement is a cracker.

Bursting onto the K1 Kickboxing scene in the last 12 months and destroying everyone in his path is the highly skilled Aaron O’Reilly from the famous KKC coached by well known Nico Duffy.

Aaron a decorated full contact kickboxer has made the transition to the K1 style with great ease and has promised to leave no stone unturned in his preparations for the biggest fight of his life, with a HUGE following he knows his fans and supporters will spur him on to victory!

Standing in his way is a pillar of the Irish K1 Kickboxing, a Goliath of the 63kg division, originally from Romania and now the head coach of one of the top martial arts gyms in the country Stefan Triffo needs no real introduction.

There is no fighter that Stefan is afraid to mix it up with, with his come forward and agressive style it’s sure to make a smashing clash of styles between these 2 pugulists as they battle it out for the
ISKA 63kg Pro K1 Kickboxing title.

Can’t wait for this one!!!

Tickets are available from fighters, supporting gyms and online from


KKC Cabra competitor’s Amy Wall, Louise McDonnell, Zak Riddell, Josh Riddell and Jake Riddell at Kickboxing Ireland National Squad session Citywest Dublin, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.

5 KKC Cabra 280 Bannow road Cabra competitor’s attended KBI National Team squad session in Citywest Dublin on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of July.

All 5, Amy Wall, Louise McDonnell, Zak Riddell, Josh Riddell and Jake Riddell all KBI National Champion’s train in KKC Cabra. Classes in Kickboxing and K1 every Tuesday and Thursday Teen and Adult 8 to 9.30pm with Instructor’s Mr Nicholas Duffy, Darren Doherty and Fabio Chuairi. 



Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do / KKC Cabra Ella Murtagh preparing to compete for Ireland in 2018 WAKO World Kickboxing Championships Cadets and Juniors in the Palazzo Del Turismo, Jesolo Venice, Italy.

Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do / KKC Cabra Ella Murtagh at KBI National Team training camp in Citywest on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.  

Ella is preparing to compete for Ireland at the WAKO World Kickboxing Championship’s for Cadet and Junior in the -28kg Girls points fighting division in the Palazzo Del Turismo, Jesolo Venice Italy on the 15th to 28rd of September.                                                                                                           

Ella who only turns 11 years in August started training in Martial Arts when she was 6 years old at Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do \ Korean Kickboxing Santry with Instructor Darren Doherty ITF 4th degree Black belt. Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do Instructor Darren Doherty has been practising, competing and teaching ITF TaeKwon-Do and Kickboxing for over 35 years and has won many National, UK, European and World medal’s in both TaeKwon-Do and Kickboxing.

Ella also trains in Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do parent club KKC Cabra 280 Bannow road Cabra, under coach Nicholas Duffy who has produced many National, European and World Champion’s in light continues and Full contact ring sports and K1 and has WAKO World Full contact Champion Aaron O’Reilly long time student of KKC Cabra preparing for his pro K1 Irish Title shot in the National Basketball arena in September.

On Tuesday nights Ella trains with one of the best Martial Arts coaches in the business, Mr Roby Hall Black Panther Kickboxing Artane, who has produced many a list of European and World Champion’s in Kickboxing and ITF TaeKwon-Do, the likes of Adam and Ryan Shelly and Colm Carroll. 

Since Ella won the KBI National Championship’s back in April in the -28kg Girls points fighting division, which qualified her to compete for Ireland in this years World Championship’s in Jesolo Italy, She has been training 5 nights a week, Monday and Wednesday in Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do with Mr Darren Doherty, Tuesday in Black Panther  Artane with Mr Roby Hall, Thursday in KKC Cabra with Instructor Mr Nicholas Duffy, Darren Doherty, Friday pad work with Mr Doherty in KKC Cabra. All top class Martial Arts Instructor’s and are all delighted that Ella is going to have her first experience of a Major Martial Arts Tournament and are very sure with Ella’s talent it will be the first of many. All coaches will work hard to prepare Ella for this experience of a lifetime in the coming Month’s and wish all the other many competitor’s from each club competing in the up and coming World Championship’s in Points, light continues and full contact ring sport in WAKO Italy and WMO Portugal in September.


KKC Cabra Amy Wall 2018 KBI National’s Full Contact Final.


Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do 3 New Black Belts. Ryan Hayden, Conall Gleeson and Kacey Boyd.

Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do has 3 new Black Belts, Ryan Hayden, Conall Gleeson and Kacey Boyd.

Ryan, Conall and Kacey all started training in ITF TaeKwon-Do from the age of 7 years old.

Ryan 15, Conall 14 and Kacey 13, all 3 successfully past the Irish TaeKwon-Do Association’s summer Black belt test in Holywell Community Centre, Swords on Sunday 10th of June. All 3 were promoted to ITF first Degree Black belts after a long day which started at 10am Sunday morning and didn’t finish until 5pm Sunday evening. The ITA Black belt test covers all aspects of  ITF TaeKwon-Do, Fundamental movements, hand techniques, foot techniques. Then Pattern Black belt Tul, optional Tul and 2 coloured belt pattern that the judging panel select. Then the Santry 3 went to do their theory question’s on TaeKwon-Do from the ITA student grading manual, then they moved onto power, 1inch bard for juniors with a hand strike and foot strike, which all 3 broke the boards successfully. Then all 3 moved onto ITF step sparring, 3,2 and 1 step sparring routines that the student’s must prepare themselves, then straight into 2 minute self defence routine the students have prepared. Next is sparring, ITF TaeKwon-Do sparring rules apply, each student’s completed 5 rounds of 2 minute sparring with different opponent each time. Then to complete the grading all 3 performed special technique, Ryan performed flying side kick over his chest height rope and broke a half inch board. Conall performed jumping front kick kicking through a 7 foot height competition board. Kacey performed a flying side kick over her chest height rope and broke half inch board. All 3 received their National Black belt certificates and in the coming weeks will be issued with their ITF TaeKwon-Do Black Belt Dan Certificate and ITF Dan number which now enables all 3 to trial for the Irish National Team in  qualifying tournaments ran throughout Ireland.

Santry-ITF Instructor Darren Doherty ITF 4th Dan said.

I am delighted with all 3, the hard work all 3 put into preparing for the black belt grading, preparation classes in Santry and Cabra 3 times a week for the last 6 Months building up to the grading. Competing in competition’s on the weekends and thats with all the other sports all 3 do.I am really proud to have Kacey, Ryan and Conall as my students, I have seen them grow up in TaeKwon-Do and couldn’t be more prouder. 


KKC Cabra Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do Lloyd Lynch wins Kickboxing Ireland Full Contact National Title


Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do Gaelscoil Cholmcille, Oscar Traynor road, Coolock Lane, Dublin 9. Lit’Le kicks and Cadets Martial Arts classes for Children every Monday and Wednesday. Call or Text 0877512129 email


Santry Sport TaeKwon-Do February grading. Lit’Le kicks and Cadets. Well done all on a successful grading.